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Sneeze-free flowers

Spring and summer are beautiful times of year but for many people who suffer from hay fever or Asthma, August to March in Australia can be a little miserable with pollen counts at their highest.

Living with someone that has hay fever made me think how I can have flowers in our home and have a happy husband. If you're in the same boat & would like to enjoy a bunch of flowers or thinking of sending flowers to an allergy sufferer, here are a few flowers that have low pollen (see links below for more info):

Please mention you would like a low pollen bouquet when ordering from Daisy Hill Flowers & we will be more than happy to help.


The large majority of Australia Natives are low pollen especially those pollinated by birds and insects rather than by the wind. These plants don’t release their pollen into the air. Most Australian natives and brightly coloured, large flowering plants with nectar and heavy pollen grains are suitable.


All shapes and sizes of these classic beauties only release small amounts of pollen into the air and so are a safe choice for hay fever-sufferers and readily available year round.


Named after the rainbow goddess, the iris is known for its stunning colour palette and delicate aesthetic. The flower has three petals which open completely so you can see deep into the heart of the flower. Common varieties are available in shades of blue, white & yellow but occasionally we see bearded, bronze & other amazing colours


Peonies thrive in a cooler climate so our Australian grown peonies are mostly from farms in Victoria & Tasmania. Available late October through to late December, sometimes early January.


These lovely generous size flowers come in shades of blue, white, and pink. Once again, a summer flower available November - April. They are thirsty flowers so to get the longest life vases need to be kept topped up and the heads either sprayed or dunked in water for about 15 mins to revive.


Available in a huge range of colours and are available almost all year round. As well as the "Dame Edna" full armful size, gladiolus also come in a mini size with heads approx 30cm.

Sweet Peas

Stunning, delicate flowers usually with a shorter stem available July - Jan. There are multiple flowers on each stem & sometimes quirky tendrils. The flowers resemble a closed butterfly.

Astrantia A low allergy flower that produces little pollen, the Astrantia will add a wildflower feel to your bouquet. It is usually a short stemmed and delicate flower & a little more expensive here in WA.


Tall, slender and brightly coloured in appearance, the yarrow flower is an ideal bouquet addition as it possesses anti-allergenic qualities which prevent the release of histamine – the substance which cause allergic reactions.

Snapdragon In ancient times, snapdragons (named after their beautiful bloom which resembles a dragon’s face) were thought to have supernatural powers and offer protection from witchcraft. Thanks to their tightly closed buds which minimise the release of pollen. These are perfect within a mixed bouquet thanks to their multiple blossoms which coat the flower stem. Available through the summer months.

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