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The flower markets are packed with a gorgeous, colourful array of locally grown and beautiful quality spring flowers - delphiniums, stock, scabiosa, and ranunculus being right at the top of my list of favourite flowers. Ranunculus come in a huge variety of colours from the deepest burgundy-wine through to crisp whites. They are perfect as a posy on their own or to bring a soft element to a mixed flower arrangement. Buying or sending an bouquet from a florist, the flowers should be ready to pop straight into a vase of fresh water. If you have a bunch from the markets, the prep is the same as most flowers - remove any leaves below the water line and make a fresh cut to the stems on an angle so they can take up as much water as possible. Change the water every few days, add flower food and keep away from heat sources & direct sunlight. Ranunculus should last 4-5 days.

Some of the natives coming into flower are waratah, kangaroo paw, isopogon, king protea, pincushions and a bigger colour range of leucadendrons. We have an amazing variety of natives in WA - this years wildflowers being one of the best thanks to a very wet winter (new there had to be an upside!). As a cut flower, natives cant be beaten for variety, texture and vase life lasting up to 3 weeks. They also look stunning as a dried flower.

If you haven't visited Kings Park, the display is beautiful!

Everlastings - Kings Park

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