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Slow Flower Movement - buying locally grown flowers.

The slow food movement has been around for over 30 years continuing to bring awareness, striving to preserve traditional cuisine, encouraging sustainable farming & foods and promoting local small businesses.

The slow flower movement is based on the same philosophy. Slow Flowers aims to reconnect flower consumers and professionals in the floral industry with the source of their flowers. It recognises that humans are disconnected from fragrant garden flowers and small-scale flower farming.

The flowers and foliage for the Royal Wedding of Harry & Meghan were foraged from the Royal’s parks and gardens, from bee-friendly wildflower fields.

Tulip farm Tasmania

Buying locally grown produce supports our local farmers and businesses, often family run, putting money back into the local economy & creating jobs. It also benefits our environment by reducing carbon emissions (not flying flowers in from the other side of the world), reducing the use of chemicals (no need for fumigation) & pesticide exposure.

Supporting locally grown flowers may mean a change in expectations. Instead of a particular variety of flower being available anywhere year round, we wait, with excitement a season to start!

Whenever possible Daisy Hill Flowers use locally grown or Australia grown flowers. The natives we use are grown in the south west and delivered weekly. Using locally grown means the flowers are fresher, they smell better and will last longer. And our birds and bees are happier!

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