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Wintertime colour

The Tesselaar Tulip Festival takes over Silvan’s Tulip Farm during September and October and brings almost a million tulips in bloom to 25 acres of farmland in the Dandenong Ranges.
Australian grown tulips

Winter is here. Today is an unusually cold day for Perth - 11C at mid-day and it hasn't stopped raining. It's June, just the beginning of winter so we don't mind this too much. Give it a month or two & we will be completely over it.

The coolrooms at the wholesalers normally feel freezing (they operate at about 4C) but during winter there can be little difference with the outside temperature. It pays to be a decisive florist - too long dilly-dallying about which shade of pink/purple/orange (insert any colour) results in feeling chilled to the bone.

Just because the weather is gloomy doesn't mean the flower chose is. Far from it. Deliveries from Yelverton Protea Farm bring an assortment of pinks and winter whites - kings, blushing bride, pink ice, nerifolia and leucadendrons in deep burgundies & fresh greens.

Bulbs are at their very best - tulips - standard, doubles & frilled, jonquils, narcissus, daffodils, iris & hyacinths in the deepest blue & bright pinks.

Perfumed stock, ornamental kale, cymbidium orchids & poppies.

Banksias in colours from bright red coccinea, lemon through to bronze menziesii, winter white hookerinas & beautiful golden spike flowers of hairpins.

Acacia known commonly as mimosa, acacia, or wattle, is everywhere - bright yellow fluffy pom-pom balls and magnificent camellias with glossy green leaves and delicate flowers.

Brighten your home or someone's day with this gorgeous range of winter flowers. Order here


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